Saturday, November 3, 2012

TV Setup So Easy a Kid Can Do It #SonyMoms

Let's just say that my kiddos were more than excited to have this Sony TV delivered for them to watch. I'll be honest that we don't watch more than about an hour of TV a week. Our lives are so busy that we find it hard to find to the time to watch TV. When we have free time in our schedule we are normally out and about living an active lifestyle. So the new TV sat...and sat...and the front door for almost three weeks. Everyday the kids would ask, "Can we setup the new TV today?" Guess what? Today was the day.

The guys over at Sony had told us how easy it was to setup the TV, so we put their challenge to the test. With Daddy only to help as the "assistant" with lifting and reading, the kids went to work setting up the TV all on their own.

The kids did almost the entire set-up process with just a small assistance from Dad with lifting, screwing in a few wires and the internet set-up. (We like to keep our passwords confidential from the kids for internet security purposes)

The kids were thrilled about setting up the TV and were able to set it up within an hour. The setup is so easy that kids literally can do it!

The kids were really excited to learn that we will be saving money and energy with this new TV. Ella is really concerned about the importance for saving our natural resources, so she was really excited to read the Energy Guide.

Daddy did a little double checking, and the kids had gotten all the wires in the right places.

Our kiddos had never seen a Blu-ray movie before, so they were crazy excited about setting up this new Sony Blu-ray player to go along with the TV.

Viola! Just like that they were all set-up! Stay tuned for our review on what we think of the TV and Blu-ray player once we start watching.

I'm pretty sure that this is how our weekend is going to go...

Disclosure: We were provided with a Sony TV and Blu-ray player for review purposes as part of the Sony Moms program. All our photos, thoughts and opinions are of our own.


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