Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Actors Flying High in Oz the Great and Powerful

When there is a movie with witches in it, we can expect a lot of flying. When I watch a movie with flying actors, knowing about how the actors would be suspended on wires for long periods of time as live action models in the film "Peter Pan" comes to my mind.

When watching the movie, "Oz the Great and Powerful" I wondered how these women were able to manage acting while being suspended on wires for long periods of time. I thought about how sometimes I think my job as a mom can be physically grueling, but I cannot imagine how challenging it must be to act while suspended in the air for long periods of time.

During the recent "Oz the Great and Powerful" press conference, the question was asked about how the witches managed to act while being suspended from wires.

Michelle Williams said, "I think we both really loved being on the wires."

Rachel Weisz shared with the group that it was a little scary for her on the first day. There were stunt coordinators who had worked with the director, Sam Raimi on "Spiderman" films that helped with this film. She shared how they had help from experts who were good at making people fly.

The director, Sam Raimi said that the ladies were good sports. That they would be hanging for hours. He said, "I know those wires. They cut into you. The straps do. They dig into your legs and into your arms. It can be exhausting and acting from wires, and it can leave marks."

Just like with being a mom, sometimes we are in situations that are challenging, but we have to work through them. The same was true for these two women acting from wires in the film. Rachel Weisz said, "You hear Sam say 'action.'" Then Michelle Williams said, "everything just sorta drops away, and I feel like you are always acting through something. Just like it is really hot, or it is really cold, or you are hanging from ceilings."

"Oz the Great and Powerful" is coming to theaters on Friday, March 8th.

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this post. We attended a press conference with Disney. Photo courtesy of Disney.


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