Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Projects for Pets

We love pets in our home, and we also love making our pets feel loved. The Pet Collective has recently launched a new YouTube series that we were excited to share with all our readers who are pet lovers just like us. The series is called "Sedona's Super-Awesome, Incredibly-Fantastic, Uberly-Cool, Do-it-Yourself Pet Project." Phew!

The show is hosted by Sedona Cohen who showcases fun DIY pet projects. There are paintings, no-sew pillows and even organic apple-oatmeal pet snacks to make! We hope that you enjoy watching the first episode in the video below. Like what you see? Look for more of their fantastic pet videos coming soon.

Sedona's very first project, an easy-to-make, attention-getting pet silhouette that may make the perfect Easter or Mother's Day gift, to boot. (Plus, it's not just for kids — creative adults may find a lot of inspiration here!)

Information, photos and videos provided on behalf of The Pet Collective.


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