Monday, April 8, 2013

Learning the Importance of Life with Wings of Life

There is one thing that I have made a conscious effort of doing with my children, and that is teaching them the importance of caring for our earth. After my older son had developed food allergies, we began working to grow as much of our fruits and vegetables as possible. Over the years, my children have gained a love for caring our our garden and the earth. There is one thing that I have not yet taught my children about yet, and that is about the pollinators that give our plants the ability to grow the food that we eat.

Last week, I brought my youngest son Tyler with me to Los Angeles for a screening of the new Disneynature film, "Wings of Life." The movie told a touching story of how our life does not just depends on the flowers, but also on the pollinators.

Before watching the movie, we would always swat at a bumblebee when working in the garden unaware that they were the creatures that were making our garden grow. Not only does our garden need bumblebees to produce the fruits and vegetables, but the bee population has been diminishing.

My son and I learned about the process that bees and other pollinators go through to produce life on our earth. We gained a new love and appreciation for pollinators and will never find ourselves swatting at a bee or other insect again.

Following the movie, we enjoyed an education question and answer period with the director of the film, Louie Schwartzberg. The next morning, my son and I went into the garden, and started planting more flowers. The flowers will help the pollinators flourish and grow around us, helping to bring more life to our planet.

Wings of Life will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on April 16th.

Disclosure: We attended a media screening of Wings of Life. All of our photos, thoughts and opinions are of our own.


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