Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Curing A Bad Day

"Mom, I had a bad day at Kindergarten."

When my six year old got into the car today and quietly mumbled these words - my heart broke.

When I asked him what went wrong today, he would not answer. I am so blessed not to have him in full-day care, so I took advantage of my time with him, and brought him down to the beach for lunch.

It is amazing what powers Mother Nature has over our feelings, emotions and moods. When we first sat on the sand, he said, "I don't want to play."

Then he stood up..

Walked toward the water..

Touched his toes in the water..

Looked to see if anyone was looking...

And then..

Jumped into the waves.

It was magical sitting there watching him come out of his shell, and turning around his day. Then I joined him in the water and we started splashing each other. We laughed...we ran...and we created a moment that we will both never forget.

We left our heart in the sand before having to go pick-up his brother and sister from school.


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