Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Lifetime Parenting Reality Show 'Pretty Wicked Moms'

Compensation was received for this coverage. All of our thoughts and opinions about the show are of our own.

There is nothing I love better than a great reality show. I sneak off every day to the gym just to get my daily dose of reality shows while working out, and often times they are even filming a local reality show at my local gym. When I heard that Lifetime was launching a new mom based reality show,  Pretty Wicked Moms, I was eager to see what it was all about.

When I watched the first episode over the weekend, my mouth dropped to the floor. I could not believe that there are moms out there as "wicked" as these women on the show. If I did not know it was a reality show, I would have thought that these women were actors.

One of the women on the show said it best. It is like a "giant gossip fest."

Everything these women are doing on the show is the complete opposite of how I raise my children. It is interesting to see that some people are actually so self-absorbed and care so little about what is truly important in life - your family.

You are not going to want to miss this new reality show. Tune in to watch parenting like you've never seen before with the first episode of Pretty Wicked Moms on Tuesday, June 4th at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime.


  1. Why would you even want to tell people to watch this show if it's the complete opposite of how you raise your children. I'm outraged that any network would use the sanctity of motherhood for entertainment value. This is absolutely atrocious.

    Also, what's with the negative, racial connotation "There goes the motherhood"? What's that about. And what about the woman who says she wouldn't go on a play date unless there was alcohol involved.

    Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves.

    I feel sorry for these children.

    1. Because I enjoy watching reality shows. I understand it is not for everyone. :)

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